Aside from my artistic and technical skills, I have a long and varied experience in the Events sector. I come up with a taylor-made offer for your event, according to your technical, budgetary and human requirements.


I have been teaching face-painting since 2004 in many different places, with many different contents. I organize my own workshops, but I can also give private lessons, custom workshops & coaching according to your needs. I am a proud member of the World Bodypainting Academy team. If you want to receive updates of the workshop programme, please fill the form or like my facebook page.



In the 1990s, I made my first steps in face-painting thanks to my friend Olivier Zegers, a master face painter. I followed him at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival – the first event to host a bodypainting contest ever-, and then to Bicolline, the biggest live action role-playing game in Québec.
In 2004, I set up a team called “Étincelle” (sparkle) to develop and promote body art – especially fantasy bodypainting- to a larger public. The team had become a reference in Belgium regarding face-painting for kids and fine art bodypainting.
I started to teach face-painting around that time, with an artistic approach as much as a technical one.
I participated several times to the face and bodypainting contests at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, which I both won in 2006, then ranked fairly good in international contests as well.


Evolution Agency, Tournai (B)




1st 3D bodypainting, Vigo Namur (B)


Bonnie & Clyde (RTBF), April 2007 – Bodypainting for the BIFFF

Style Pasifika 2011 (New Zealand) 18/10/2011 – Bodypainting assistant of Hayley Marlow for the opening parade.

France’s Got Talent, August 2013 – UV Bodypainting on Capoeira dancers


Rhesus (F) « Hey Darling », bodypainting with Zaza

Pang! (B) Habitat Plume – Turn up the Beat

Schpongle (UK) Live in Antwerp


Etincelle! 2009-2010 calendars

« Rose ou bleu, je me grime comme je veux » – Campaign against gender stereotypes in face-painting for kids, Latitude Jeunes, 2016

Responsible Young Drivers – Safety Belt Campaign, 2005

Mons 2015 « Ailleurs en Folie » – Programme covers

Skin Markz Magazine #21, June 2016, p.8 — Personal work


External Jury member at the Make-Up For Ever Academy, Brussels, 2010 and 2014

Fantasy World Wide Face-Painting Contest, Bruges, 2013

French Bodypainting & Facepainting Awards, Paris, 2016-2017


Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London (UK), 2014

Incarnations, Kili Galerie, Brussels (B), 2015

Cellier des Fripiers, Mons (B), 2016

Salon Chartme, Liège (B), 2015- 2016

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

1st prize Body-painting contest (2006)

1st prize Face painting contest (2006)

1st prize Special Effects contest (2011)

Maskerade (Netherlands)

1st prize Face painting, Improvisation contest (2008)

2nd prize Belly-painting contest (2009)

World Bodypainting Festival (Austria)

2nd place at first round brush & sponge body-painting contest (2012)

4th prize at the UV body-painting contest (2009)

4th prize at the Face painting contest (2015)

NZ Body Art Awards

3rd prize at the body-painting contest (2011)

Winter Body Art festival (Verona, Italy)

5th place (2015)


A character-oriented bodypainting will not only bring colours and patterns on a human 3D-canvas, it will achieve the metamorphosis of a model – who has her own expressive potential – in order to help her play a character.
The model is not only a living canvas, it is a part of the bodypainting itself. She is not only the support, but the incarnation of the artwork – not only on her skin, but also in her flesh (in-carna: “into the flesh”), as her attitude is an essential part of the artwork. She actually plays the work, much more than she wears it. Whereas the artist gives a shape to the character, the model brings it to life.
Artist and model support each other in the creative process. And eventually, the artwork will flow away under the shower, leaving no trace but a series of photographs. In this regard, the photographer acts as the ultimate Saviour, rescuing the essence of the artwork from oblivion by capturing it into his own creation.



Based in Belgium, I travel worldwide!

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